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I just jumped off a cliff. Well, not literally, but I did make a big life change. It’s been about a month since I quit my job. Within the following week my husband and I sold our car, put most of our stuff in storage, sent our daughter off to her second year of college and moved in to his truck.

Let me give you a bit of background. My husband has been a long haul driver almost exclusively for the past nine years. During most of that time he was gone 2-4 weeks at a time and usually home for only a couple of days in between. The physical distance definitely strained our relationship and there were times we weren’t sure we would make it. A few times he came home to live and tried his hand at sales, which is what he did before the economic problems in North Carolina forced him to seek other employment options. But, he always ended up back on the road.

As our daughter grew through middle school and into high school, and I worked as a hairstylist, my husband and I dreamed and wondered about what we would do when she was on her own. Would I finally land a job that would financially allow him to get back into sales? Or would I quit my full-time job and go out with him occasionally while volunteering or working seasonal jobs in between? Would we be able to afford to continue supporting me at home and him on the road which was basically like supporting two households?

By the time our daughter was in her senior year, it was clear that she had a full ride to college in a different state. We decided then to begin taking some steps to hopefully lessen the amount of time we had to spend apart.

My first step was to move to Indiana where my husband’s employer is based because we knew he spent more of his downtime there than he did in North Carolina. We did see each other a bit more often, but it was still only every other week or so. I worked full-time, but I wasn’t making nearly enough to support us while he built up a sales business. It also became clear that we weren’t going to be able to pay off our debts and save for retirement while trying to pay my bills and his.

So, that’s how I ended up in Gainesville, Florida on this fine October day sitting in a tractor ready to pick up a load tomorrow and head for Texas. Having been out on the road with my husband before, I did have a pretty good idea what to expect. But, I’m sure I’ll be learning quit a lot as I travel with him and our dog around the country.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog. I figured I might be able to help people who live in one place from day to day get a glimpse of what it’s like for truck drivers in our country who live like modern-day nomads taking their homes with them from place to place every day so that places like Indiana can have California produce, Texans can have Wisconsin cheese and Washington can have clothes made in Mexico.
So, if anyone is interested and would like to travel along with me a bit, please feel free to follow this blog. I hope to bring a bit of fun and education to my readers as I add to my own learning about the trucking industry, our country and other random things.
Thanks for reading and drive safely 🙂