Counting mile markers is boring. I’m guessing there are people who think that that and snacking are what we do when we’re rolling 8 hours plus each day. Obviously, my husband drives all those miles, but he does have me to irritate him by trying to give him directions. Actually, I discovered long ago that me trying to navigate is a bad idea unless we want to end up stuck under a low bridge or in a neighborhood, which we certainly don’t.
Granted, it does get boring sometimes watching the scenery repeat itself, but thankfully I have other options. For example, I knit stuff. My project bag hangs by my chair so I can get to it easily. Having time to knit was definitely something I was looking forward to when we started planning this adventure.
Another option is working on my blog or checking my email, but it usually doesn’t take long for me to get a headache from reading while we’re moving. I do, however, do fine taking photos, so long as the road isn’t too bumpy and it’s daytime. A new camera is still on my wish list right below that Surface 2 tablet.
Of course, we usually have the conversation option. My husband and I talk to each other, he sometimes talks to the other vehicles on the road and we talk to the dog when he nuzzles one of us to get some head scratching. We also talk to friends and family on the phone through a bluetooth connection with the truck radio.
Listening to audiobooks is one of my favorite options. Many of the travel centers carry books on CD in a variety of genres. My husband and I really like books from a company called Graphic Audio.


These books feature voice actors, sound effects and music. As the company motto says, it’s a “movie in your mind”.
I may eventually discover more options to add to my list, but these are working well for now.
Until next time, thanks for reading and drive safely šŸ™‚