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So long 2014.
You presented new things to me: Living in the midwest. Driving in a lot of snow. Below 0 temps. Empty nest syndrome. Living alone. New home. New job. New friends. New stores. New church home. Skin cancer. And then another new home…one that moves nearly every day and has barely room for two. No more living alone for now.
You also included the familiar:
Walmart. Starbucks coffee. The unchanging God. A few months being mom again. Luke the dog. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Mammogram. Knitting. Music. Chocolate. Financial struggles. Tragedies. Meds and chronic conditions. And more.
Only God knows what 2015 will bring me. Probably some good and bad. Some familiar and some new. Time pushes us forward even if we try to slow or stop it. I’ll make my plans and choices while simultaneously working on trusting God with the rest.
So, bring it on 2015, bring it on.

Until next year, readers, please drive safely and responsibly 🙂