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Lumbering past the corral perimeter, the hungry dinosaur  gradually makes its way to one of the available feeding stations. At the moment, the corral is rife with motion as many other behemoths search for spaces to bed down for the night. Unfortunately, for some of their number, there will be no room in this corral to rest tonight and they’ll find themselves heading out to find another place farther on their journey that will hopefully have space for them. Then, they will slowly try again, ever vigilant in their quest.


Okay, so dinosaur corrals don’t exist. But, tractor trailer parking lots tend to nudge my imagination in that direction. Watching the various tractors pulling their trailers slowly through the entrance reminds me of how dinosaurs are depicted in movies.
One similarity might be how much room they need in order to maneuver. Trucks need a lot of space to turn corners or back into parking spaces because of their 70 plus feet of length.
Another similarity might be the large amounts of fuel needed to keep them going. Our truck can carry 200 gallons of diesel fuel and we usually top it off daily. We might move 2500 miles in a week and use 350+ gallons of fuel.
Bathing the two might not be so similar. Trucks can’t go jump in a lake like a dinosaur might, so they have to go through truck washes where people use really long brushes and hoses in order to reach more than 13 feet to the top.
I don’t expect dinosaurs would need to back into tight spaces much, but big rigs do just that most every day-often times more than once. That’s a skill that amazes me most every time I see it done.
Any time drivers of smaller vehicles are moving around 18 wheelers-whether on the road or in parking lots-it’s important for them to remember that those trucks are very big and heavy. Their drivers need more room and time to move and stop than 4 wheelers do, and they also don’t have as much visibility available to them. Perhaps it would be beneficial for some 4 wheeler drivers to think of tractor trailers as behemoths for their safety and that of others.

Until next time friends, drive safely out there 🙂