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I decided to post of few photos of the inside of our truck. I had my window open in these pics because it was nearly 50 degrees and sunny! Hurray for a little taste of spring 🙂


My armchair and knitting room


My messy bunk



My hubby's 'desk'

Yesterday we had to go through the main terminal in Indy to get updated permits and decals for the truck. Apparently, each state has its own rules for commercial vehicles–some the same, but many different. So, if a person drives all 48 states, they have to carry a bunch of permits. I’m glad I don’t have to keep up with them, that’s for sure.
This evening we are headed for Kentucky. And, since we’re legal in all 48 states again, who knows where we’ll be off to next.
Until next time, readers, drive safely 🙂