Central Kentucky was recently the sight of a plethora of vehicle accidents due to a winter storm that moved through the area Wednesday night. According to a CNN article I read, part of interstate 65 was closed down for more than 12 hours because of accidents and lots of snow. We were travelling I75 north Wednesday evening and decided to shut down in Corbin before the forcasted ice hit. By morning, the parking lot had a thin sheet of ice on it which was covered by several inches of snow. So, we waited as more snow fell, hoping to get back on the highway by the afternoon. Unfortunately, many drivers decided to continue on in spite of the hairy conditions, attempting to ice skate their tractors and trailers around the parking lot. Several of them ended up stuck in the middle of the throughways between the parked trucks and gave up for fear of hitting other vehicles. Unfortunately for us, one such driver, who had gotten herself stuck near us, was determined to make an impossible turn which resulted in her trailer destroying the driver’s side headlight assembly and mirror of our tractor. It took several hours to get through the red tape of taking pictures, calling companies, talking to cops, exchanging insurance information, etc. It was definitely not a happy day for us, epecially when the driver who hit us was on her way again while we had to wait until Friday to be towed to the body shop. Delays, delays, delays. Such is the glamorous life of the long haul trucker during annoyingly snowy winters.
Until next time, drive safely out there ☺