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It’s been said, ‘The only thing about life that stays the same is change’. I’ve heard it said in many other ways as well. “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” That one was said best by Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black, but I digress.

I’m in the midst of a transition right now. Sometimes I wish I always knew whether a change would be permanent or temporary. In this case, I don’t know. I’m good with the rabbit trails today, huh?

Anyhow, I’m back in Indy for a bit to spend time with my daughter who will be home soon for her summer break. The big question is, ‘Will I be riding shotgun again in the fall?’ At this point, I don’t know.

See, I finally got to go to college when I was 42. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Library and Information Technology in 2012 with hopes of landing a full time position right out of school. Yeah, it didn’t happen that way. I’ve held a couple of very part time positions in libraries and done some volunteering, but full time, long term positions have been difficult to find. Which brings me to why I’m not sure if I’ll be riding shotgun again this fall.

While preparing for leaving the truck for the summer, I found a position listed near where I would be living. As I read over the job requirements and perks, I found myself wondering if I could maybe, possibly get the position. So I put together a cover letter, updated my resume, filled out the application and sent it all in to the interim director. A couple of weeks later, I got a call for an interview which led to my leaving the truck 2 weeks early and frantically searching for the perfect outfit.

Now, I’m in wait mode. If I get the position, I’ll most likely stay in Indy and abandon my long term seat in my husband’s tractor. If not, I’ll probably be working as a  hairstylist until my daughter heads back to school, at which point I’ll be putting stuff back in storage, grabbing my traveling gear and heading back on the road.

Which will happen? Or will something else change and come into play? Only God knows right now. I can’t make the hiring decision come an faster, but I can enjoy the good points of being off the road like sleeping on a big bed, baking cookies and having a bathroom right next to my bedroom. Having consistent and quick wi-fi is a great plus, too. Thanks for reading my updates as I’ve trekked around the eastern half of the U.S. these past 8 months. I’ll certainly let you know what transpires when I know.

Until then, drive safely friends 🙂