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Packing stuff. I hope it all fits :mrgreen:

It’s adjustment time again. I’ve resigned my position as a hairstylist for the time being. My daughter has gone back to college and is continuing to become her own adult person. The nest here is empty and my heart is sore. In a week’s time, I’ll be living in a tiny, tractor apartment again and occupying the shotgun seat as my husband delivers goods to consumers all over the country.

Of course, it’s not all bad. The door is open for me to return to the company I worked for this summer. My daughter and I have a solid relationship and I’m sure she’ll answer my phone calls once in awhile when she isn’t otherwise occupied by school or friends. And, as a passenger in my husbands tractor I’ll get to spend time with him and see more of our beautiful country.

I don’t know why the good always seems to be mixed with some bad stuff, but I do know I still have some planning and packing to do this week before moving into my new home. I guess I better get to it then.

Until next time, drive safely out there 🙂