Missouri Countryside


Missouri is a state we often go into, but usually we go into the St. Lewis area and back into Illinois.


When heading west, though, we tend to see a lot of the countryside.




There were many farms being prepped for winter.

Display remembering the flood of 2011

We stopped at a truck stop which, to my delight, had a Caribou Coffee. While sipping on my marshmallow mocha I noticed a wall display which chronicled the big flood of 2011.


Big midwest flood of 2011

One of the photos showed the building we were in when it was surrounded by water.


Another showed an aerial view of the area under water. There was also a marker on the wall showing the suspected water level in the building if they hadn’t been able to build a wall around it.
An interesting tidbit about that flood is it destroyed Grand Forks, ND which was my birthplace. Apparently the people there decided mother nature wasn’t getting the best of them and they rebuilt the town.

Sapp Bros truck stop water tower


Currently, we’re in Illinois and will be heading north to Wisconsin.
Until next time readers,
Drive safely 🙂


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I'm a Christian, a professional hairstylist, a knitter, a writer, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a 'cat person' and a friend. I enjoy eating chocolate, hiking in the woods, playing Simon's Cat, watching British TV, listening to music and reading.

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