Arkansas Ozarks

Now and then our route takes us off the major highways and interstates. Unfortunately, this can be a headache for my husband because of things like narrow bridges, little towns and tighter curves. It also means many no passing zones and speed limits that change often. I’m sure my husband is not alone in his dislike of such things.
In contrast, I rather enjoy our treks off the beaten path. It amazes me how many relaxed, little burgs exist away from the more hectic and harried existence of the larger cities.

This past week’s travels found us on a two lane road in Arkansas.


There was still some evidence of recent flooding rains.


Amazingly, there were also a few warm colored leaves remaining from autumn.


Most memorable for me were the horses in the road.


Apparently they had managed to get out of their pasture and were lost. I guess some happenings are witnessed only a fair distance from busy, city streets. That’s probably for the best.
Until next time, friends,
Drive safely ☺


Author: drsmith1985

I'm a Christian, a professional hairstylist, a knitter, a writer, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a 'cat person' and a friend. I enjoy eating chocolate, hiking in the woods, playing Simon's Cat, watching British TV, listening to music and reading.

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