It’s obvious that truck drivers spend a lot of time driving, but experiencing that fact is different than just knowing it. Legally, they can spend up to 11 hours out of 24 driving, although that varies among drivers according to how they space their alloted hours throughout the week.
The company my husband works for likes to keep us moving most days so we tend to spend 8-10 hours on the road. Along with driving, he spends some of that time talking on speakerphone or Bluetooth to friends and business associates. We talk to each other (no surprise there) and listen to audiobooks or the radio, too. I tend to knit, play games on my phone or tablet, check Facebook or ravelry, take photos or enjoy the scenery passing by.
Usually, I enjoy the time spent moving, but occasionally I find myself frustrated or bored. The bored part is probably easy to figure out for most people, but perhaps not many would understand the frustration aspect. For my husband the frustration is mostly about dealing with other drivers and weather, but for me it’s usually about the condition of many of our country’s highways. The ride can range from smooth to bumpy to downright choppy. They can be about as smooth as a Quentin Tarantino plotline. Make you wonder why they bothered with asphalt. Seem like they accidentally paved it with the smooth side down.
Sometimes I find myself wondering why I’m feeling irritated and realize my mood is stemming from the fact that I feel like a martini being shaken. Tea spills and dropped stitches brought on by the turbulence don’t help.
Thankfully, most of the time I just roll with it, so to speak, and just ride through the rough spots. It occurs to me there may be a metaphor for life somewhere in there.
Until next time, friends,
Drive safely and I wish you all Merry Christmas 🙂