entering Oregon from Idaho on I84

My first impression of Oregon was that it was a continuation of the flatness of Idaho.


There were cows aplenty.


Occasional buildings and hills.


And the rare small town.

As we made our way farther west, though, I was treated to some amazing views.




Cabbage Hill is slightly infamous among truck drivers due to its dangerous curves and hills, but I found it to be quite beautiful my first time through. Of course, it wasn’t snowing on my visit.




(Unfortunately, our return trip over Cabbage Hill involved chaining our tires and driving 30 miles per hour, but that’s a rabbit trail.)

One of my new favorite places to visit simply to take in the sights is the John Day River area of Oregon. Of course, it’s also best viewed when it is not actively snowing.








I’m sure my photos don’t do the area justice. The mountains and cliffs were quite magnificent as was the river itself. There were ducks in the river in spite of the cold, tug boats pushing barges and a huge dam with a lock to allow boats through. The train tracks run alongside the river’s edge for many miles and they were well used.

As we continued our trek toward Portland it began to snow and the sun worked it’s way below the horizon which, given that my camera doubles as my phone, severely limited my ability to continue taking decent pictures. If you ever have the privilege to travel to the state of Oregon, I highly recommend taking a long drive along I84 from Idaho to Portland. I hope to visit again during a warmer season on a nice sunny day with a better camera.

Until next time, readers, drive carefully out there 🙂


Author: drsmith1985

I'm a Christian, a professional hairstylist, a knitter, a writer, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a 'cat person' and a friend. I enjoy eating chocolate, hiking in the woods, playing Simon's Cat, watching British TV, listening to music and reading.

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