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Opportunities for taking photographs abound for those who spend much of their time traveling. Unfortunately, there are also those sights that, for various reasons, don’t get digitally documented. Following is a list of some of the photo ops I’ve missed while riding shotgun.

1. The Idaho landscape along interstate 84 is rather barren looking in winter. As we traveled through the area a few weeks back, I was treated to two coyote sightings. Both appeared to be just hanging out in the middle of a snow covered field watching traffic go by. Alas, I wasn’t quick enough on the aim and click to get photos.
2. While traveling out here I’ve found myself bird watching more. There are more types of raptors in the western half of the US than I knew. At one point last year, while we were parked at a yard, I was observing a field nearby. A bald eagle landed maybe 50 feet away. I couldn’t get a good pic from where I sat, so I got out of the truck carefully and walked slowly toward him. He just sat there until I stopped and got my camera focused. Then, as if he’d decided I was paparazzi, he flew to the center of the field and stared back at me. I guess he wanted his privacy.
Other birds I’ve seen have been black beak magpies, falcons, redtailed hawks, another bald eagle and a golden eagle. Between their flying and me riding at highway speeds, photos aren’t easy to get.

3. Another deterrent to getting the photos I want is the fact that sometimes I get through a place only once and after the sun goes down. Perhaps, if I had an awesome camera and I were a better photographer, this wouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t and it is.
Recently, while we were in California we drove by one of the groves that grows the tiny citrus fruits marketed as Cuties. As these are one of my favorites, I was a bit sad when I couldn’t get a pic.

4. In Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho I have seen groups of 20 or so antelope hanging out in fields along the highway. My problem with getting decent photos of them is their diminutive size and their distance from the road. They tend to be about the size of a 50 pound dog, which isn’t easy to see in a photo taken from a couple of hundred feet away.

Perhaps I will eventually purchase a fancier camera and even learn to use it, but for now I’ll just keep these would be photographs as memories.

Until next time, readers, drive safely out there. ☺