Laredo Primavera

Winter is my favorite time of year in Laredo, Texas. Springtime, summer, autumn, not so much.
The thing is, it gets really hot down there near the Mexico border and, since entering middle age, I’ve lost much of my love of hot weather.


This time of year there is much green around the city, which I greatly enjoy. Most of the trees aren’t very tall, but they are bushy, green and surrounded by grass.


Gardens seem to be important to the Mexican culture and that shows up around the city as well. Most of these photos are of a garden located in our favorite place to stay when we’re stuck down there for truck repairs. It’s called Family Garden Inn and it reminds me of a home out of a Zorro movie.


It still amazes me how plants I used to think of as only indoor grow outside very well in more tropical places like Laredo.


Of course, when visiting only periodically, it’s easy to forget that the rain that causes green things to grow in Texas tends to come infrequently and in large doses which can cause serious flooding.
I took the following photo in the Walmart parking lot because it illustrates a unique way to avoid flooding and killing their grass. Cutting concrete isn’t my first thought when solving any problems, but it seems to work in this case.


Here’s to no more flooding in Texas for a good, long while.

Until next time, readers, drive safely out there 🙂


Author: drsmith1985

I'm a Christian, a professional hairstylist, a knitter, a writer, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a 'cat person' and a friend. I enjoy eating chocolate, hiking in the woods, playing Simon's Cat, watching British TV, listening to music and reading.

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