One activity I enjoy out here on the highway is reading signs. I read them to find out where we are, of course, but I mostly like to see if they strike me as funny. Today, I have posted photos of some signs I’ve enjoyed recently.

Not really a sign, but I have to wonder about a driver who doesn’t know how he/she is driving

This takes me back to high school and 80s music

I read this and wondered why plants might need a speed limit in this area

This is still my favorite. Apparently they’re really serious about speed limits in Virginia

This sounds like a town for toddlers and kids going through puberty

There have been a few I failed to get photos of as well. One was meant to signal the end of a road. In big letters, it simply said “END”. I saw it and thought maybe it was about more than the road. 

Town names are intriguing, as well. Pennsylvania has towns called Climax and Intercourse which, perhaps, explains some of why so many of our ancestors had 15-20 kids. 

I hope you all got a chuckle or two out of these photos like I did. Perhaps I’ll continue my collection and post more in the future.

Until next time, readers, drive safely šŸ™‚