Travel time

So, Saturday I drove from Mississippi to Indianapolis where I’ll be participating in truck driving school. The first seven or so hours were nice. The sun shown most of the time with a few bouts of drizzle here and there. I listened to satellite radio here and there. Shout out to the Message and Jeff & Larry’s Comedy. Talked on the phone a bit. Enjoyed lunch at a beautiful rest stop outside Nashville where I took some time to walk under the trees.

Then, I went through Louisville, KY where the clouds let loose with what was apparently a mix of a cold front and tropical depression Gordon. My husband wanted me to be able to avoid the tole on I65, so he proceeded to guide me by phone through Saturday traffic. It went fairly well until he forgot I was supposed to take 265 and not 264. So, that was an adventure in a construction zone, in the rain. Thank God it was only a couple exits up to where I could turn around and go back to my correct exit. Unfortunately, the rain continued for the last 2 hours of the trip.

I arrived safely, got checked in at the dorms and brought my stuff in through the drizzle. In my attempt to move quickly and avoid getting drenched, I found I had left my phone charger and a few other things in my vehicle which necessitated a second trip. So, yeah. More wet.

Sunday, I dealt with some not unexpected anxiety issues. Big changes have tended to trigger various degrees of physical and mental challenges for me for much of my life as I’ve battled what was eventually diagnosed as panic disorder and depression.

Anyhow, after my mind and body settled down a bit, I spent part of the morning at the church I attended when I lived here. In the afternoon, I visited with a friend and then with my daughter before heading back to the dorm to prepare for my first week of truck driving classes.

All in all, it was a productive and enjoyable weekend.

Until next time readers, stay safe out there ☺️


Goodbye 2014


So long 2014.
You presented new things to me: Living in the midwest. Driving in a lot of snow. Below 0 temps. Empty nest syndrome. Living alone. New home. New job. New friends. New stores. New church home. Skin cancer. And then another new home…one that moves nearly every day and has barely room for two. No more living alone for now.
You also included the familiar:
Walmart. Starbucks coffee. The unchanging God. A few months being mom again. Luke the dog. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Mammogram. Knitting. Music. Chocolate. Financial struggles. Tragedies. Meds and chronic conditions. And more.
Only God knows what 2015 will bring me. Probably some good and bad. Some familiar and some new. Time pushes us forward even if we try to slow or stop it. I’ll make my plans and choices while simultaneously working on trusting God with the rest.
So, bring it on 2015, bring it on.

Until next year, readers, please drive safely and responsibly 🙂